Uplink Power Control Technical Notes

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Novella manufactures the UPC3000 uplink power controllers, with an embedded beacon receiver module based in Novella's established compact tracking receiver engine, to adjust transmitted power of an uplink station in accordance with beacon downlink loss at the same location.

These are very simple units with up to ten separate IF / gain amplifiers whose gains are adjusted by the DC output voltage provided by the beacon receiver as a measure of beacon level.

This is a very simple way of increasing the transmitted power to compensate for uplink fade which is assumed to be approximately the same as the downlink fade.  Maximum depth of fade correction may be selected from 2 to 10dB, and it prevents saturation of the HPA.

Further information on overcoming weather related uplink signal loss at satellite communication bands can be found in "Novella SatComs UPC3000 uplink power controller: A difficult, decades-old challenge resolved". The original article is published on page 10 of Broadcast Technology's Trends and Insights '09 , a supplement of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting magazine published in December 2009.